The Synergistic effect of Oligipin ( Pine bark ) + Astaxanthin

1. Super Antioxidant
Reduce markers of inflammation and oxidative stress beneficial against atherosclerosis.

2. Eyes health
Can help protect retinal cells against oxidative damage blue light. Shown to help reduce symptoms of eyes fatigue when combined with other nutrients.

3. Micro Circulation
Facilitate blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients to improve cells and organs function.

4. Brain Health
Increased formation of new brain cells and enchanted memory. Help brain cell properties due to reduce inflammation.

5. Skin Glowing
Combining OliAsta and topical sunscreen have reduce wrinkles and age spots. Improve skin texture and skin moisture. Help to improve symptom of atopic dermatitis.

6. Enhance Workout
Help to reduce exercise induced muscle damage and increase exercise tolerance and endurance.